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Commercial Real Estate Mentor

Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D.

Learn Commercial Real Estate with the top-rated Real Estate Mentor

“Join Dr. Haller’s group of successful mentees!”

Here are just a few comments from Doc Haller’s mentees:

“There’s no question he can’t answer and no problem without a solution.”
“Doc’s Mentoring was specific to our needs! Practical Application! Great insight!”
“First time investing in multi-family investments. Great Experience!”
“Just Do It-it works! I bought 2 apartment buildings [57 units total] with only $2000 down!”
“We had Dr. Haller’s undivided attention. We found a deal! Super Excited!”
“Learned how to judge properties-tweaked my ad-I got 2 replies in one day!”
“He personalized the information we needed to know. Jam packed-Awesome!”
“Truly an exceptional weekend of learning, sharing, and validating.”

Your Commercial Real Estate Mentorship will include:

  • Over 70 video sessions, (Over 30 hours of content and more on the way!)
  • Doc Haller will personally answer questions about the commercial real estate course content within the sessions!

    It’s personalized mentoring at an affordable price!

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    In the Commercial Real Estate Mentorship program you’ll discover…

    The keys to Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial/Investment Real Estate

    • How to find highly motivated commercial real estate owners and understand their needs/problem/situation
    • How to establish necessary investment criteria
    • How to meet with commercial and investment real estate brokers
    • How to structure Commercial Real Estate deals
    • How to write offers on properties on both Commercial and Investment Real Estate
    • How to present offers to brokers and/or owners
    • How to analyze the deal and look for ways to solve a highly motivated owner’s needs/problems/situation
    • How to create an “out-of-the-box” deal structure to solve a highly motivated seller’s problems/situation
    • How to design an offer (or letter of intent) for the seller and get them a great deal
    • How to successfully negotiate the final deal
    • How to arrange financing “out-of-the-box” including seller financing and/or many other techniques
    • How to structure the nontraditional closing date to maximize credits from the seller to the buyer at closing
    • How to identify target Off-Market commercial real estate properties
    • How to gather date for the due diligence of accepted offers on Commercial Real Estate
    • How to successful complete the Due Diligence on Commercial Real Estate acquisitions
    • How to build your own Commercial Real Estate investing team
    • How to find, screen, hire and oversee/manage your Commercial Property Managers

    What Some of Our Successful Mentees Are Saying:

    Haller Commercial Real Estate Mentees

    “What has separated me and my mentees from other commercial real estate investors is:

    1) the ability to find on and off-market deals with highly motivated commercial real estate owners

    2) the ability to uniquely structure an out-of-the-box deal structure and

    3) the ability to present the deal in a manner which is attractive to the seller.” ~ Doc Haller

    For more information about the Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Online Program; Click Here

    Portions of Proceeds Go to Habitat for Humanity

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